Jenny Holzer



Holzer began working in New York City in the late 70’s after obtaining her MFA from RISD in 1975. She resides in upstate New York but has an active studio and is still working in NYC.

She uses words and ideas in public space. These can be in the form of posters and billboards, or projected text on facades of buildings and other architectural structures and illuminated signs.

Her subject matter has stayed constant over the years which has been simple text. She displays words and ideas which done in public spaces, creates powerful commentary on relevant subjects of the day.

For 7 World Trade


Digital Projection

This is a love letter to NYC that scrolls across the lobby of 7 World Trade. It is 14′ high and 64′ wide. It is a continuing stream of poetry and prose written by dozens of different authors, from Elizabeth Bishop and Allen Ginsberg to Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman. It moves along a screen made of acid-etched, diffused, translucent glass illuminated by whitish light.

This piece is a very emotional since it is at the heart of the 911 site. It is uplifting for the site and lets the viewer feel what it is like being a resident of NYC. The text takes at least 8hours to scroll all the way through.




LED Column

Four-sided LED column senses the presence of people in the gallery and moves in response. Text from declassified and other sensitive US documents is programmed on each of the column’s sides, including text drawn from censored U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Reports detailing the investigation into Afghan soldier Jamal Naseer’s death whilst in US custody.


Here is a link to the gallery-


This is a good clip about her working with de-classified letters and such. I especially like the screen prints she creates from such text.




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