Experiencing the “Art” of disappointment

I was frustrated that I rushed down to see the Art Hotel on Thursday afternoon and was denied.

I was more excited to zip over to the Crocker to see sculptures by Ai Weiwei.

Going to the Crocker was an unexpected treat since I wasn’t planning on it and Ai Weiwei was available to see… for FREE!

Overall, it felt like a waist of time since I had to zip back to Sierra but I did manage to see the Jessamyn Lovell show at the Ridley Gallery as well.

The Chinese Zodiac Sculptures by Ai Weiwei were definitely my fave of the day. The size of them and the detail were very impressive. I had not experienced seeing any art by him so it felt special to finally do so.

The works at the Ridley Gallery were really different but just as powerful. The artist had documented her family in photos and it was a moving set of pictures.

12633686_553480544802099_1902327459626873210_oWhile this art experience wasn’t earth shattering, it did made me think of a few things about some projects I might do in the future. Specifically, documenting my life/family in our daily routines.

The whole Art Hotel hype has left a bad taste in my mouth. I was intrigued and excited about going at first. It became the event of the week and got so hyped up that you had to get there way early to even get a chance to get in. Having heard now that it wasn’t all that makes me laugh a little because so many people though it was “the” event of a lifetime. Maybe I’m just bitter that I didn’t get in or that filling up a 5 story hotel with crap makes it art? It’s funny how this event was all over social media and people just ate it up! The wait times became long and getting tickets was near impossible. While I did hear there was some cool stuff in there, some of it was crap. Just because you have a chance to fill up a space with junk, might make it “art” but it isn’t necessarily good art.


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