the R.E.D.

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  They call me the Red. It was on that faithful day in 1979 in 7th grade, someone said, “Lets go Red!” That was the beginning of the myth, the fucking legend! It has evolved into various forms such as Mr. Red, reddogg, red on the head, redman, or big red. My playa name at Burningman is redBone. My Mexican brethren call me rojo. If I was a rapper my name would be the Notorious R.E.D. I also sign all of my artwork RED.

  Being an art major, I have a lot of different interests. This class seems to be right up my alley. Using technology and combining it with art is something I like to do. Being an art teacher, keeping up on current trends in art and giving them back to my students is something I like to try and do. I decided to take this class because Natalie was willing to accommodate my situation and being that this isn’t the typical art class Sierra offers, I wanted to check it out.

  I want to be inspired to create art using technology. I have some ideas in using video and other programs but am willing to try “new” things that I may not be familiar with.

 My first “art experience” would probably be in my youth. Watching my dad paint motorcycle tanks. He did awesome tricked out paint jobs and I really thought he was the shizz. There have been other experiences. As his T.A. at UC Davis, I have watched Wayne Thiebauld paint ice cream cones. I was able to teach a few summer GATE classes that involved watching and working with Peter Voulkos, Paul Soldner and Rudy Audio at the Penryn workshop. The pinnacle of this experience was delivering the finished sculptures to the Voulkos studio and hanging out with him for the afternoon.

 I really like printmaking. Stencil work, Silk screen, lino and woodcuts are what I work in. I also like working with pen and ink and mixed media like collage. I do ceramics and sculpture too. I pretty much work all over the art map when I have time.

  I graduated from UC Davis as a double major in Art Studio and Art History. I have been teaching high school art for the last 17 years. I have taught video, computer art and animation. I currently teach Art 1 and Printmaking at Placer High School in Auburn, which is my alma mater. I try to do my own art but… time is my enemy! I am into street art and  graffiti. I love the late 80’s NYC school of Haring, Basquiat and Kruger, while also appreciate the classic periods of the past. I have been going to Burningman since 2001. I am a huge baseball fan and also like football and basketball. I have collections of comics, luchboxes and toys. Kinda geeky but in a good way. I am married with three children and when Im not teaching or at Sierra, I’m a meal provider/taxi and ATM machine.


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